V.SHINOV is a member of AMERICAN COMPOSER'S UNION /BMI /- since 1994 and of RUSSIAN COMPOSER's UNION /KARELIA REBUBLIC/ since 1989 . The list of his compositions is availble at the book "COMPOSERS AND MUSICOLOGISTS OF KARELIA/published in PETROZAVODSK ,KARELIA in 2009 . 


CONCERT-RHAPSODY, Konchezero, Karelia ,and Odessa ,Ukraine,1979 [ 15 min ] For symphony orchestra, In 3 parts "SONATA VARIATIONS" Petrozavodsk,Karelia,1981 [ 6 min ] For string orchestra; SYMPHONY / for big symphony orchestra/Pitkyaranta,Karelia,1985 [20 min ] In 4 parts 1st performance: Big Hall of Finnish National Theater , Karelia republic, Petrozavodsk:/Russia/ Symphony Orchestra –Karelian State Philarmony,Conductor- Igor Logutov / December 7, 1987 /.Karelian State Radio and TV broadcasted this performance[1987] 


VLADIMIR SHINOV'S COMPOSITIONS: “AHAVO RABO”/ “Everlasting Love”/ , Odessa, Ukraine,1980 [ 7 min ] Vocalize for tenore, string orch., organ and drums; “PAM'YAT” / "MEMENTO MORI"/, Petrozavodsk,Karelia,1983 [ 26 min ] vocal-symphonic cycle ,dedicated to the people, fallen in the 2nd world war - { for baritone & big symphony orchestra} , in 5 parts. 1-st performance: National Karelian Hall of Arts and Culture, May 23, 1983. Eduard Bugakov –/baritone/ and symphony orchestra of Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad State Conservatory ,conductor Igor Logutov 


VLADIMIR SHINOV. “FEAST AT A PLAGUE TIME” ,opera, 1987,Ivanovo,Russia [40 min] opera-oratoria in 1 act, libretto by composer,based on the “Little tragedy “ of A. Pushkin. For soloists, mixed chorus, chamber orchestra. Petrozavodsk,Karelia. 


VLADIMIR SHINOV'S COMPOSITIONS: “NASTO,THE BEAUTY”, ballet -fairy tale, 1993,Pitkyaranta,Karelia [45min] on Karelian folk tale themes, for chamber orchestra . Piano reduction /4-hands/ was made in 1994. 1st performance: Petrozavodsk,1993 Carnegie Hall, USA /in piano reduction/,February,2004 Piano duet: M.Porchkhidze, V.Shinov. “ MOTHER GOOSE!”, ballet, New York, USA,2005 [ 60 min ]; ballet was commissioned by New York Theatre Ballet in 2004 [ with choreography by Juilliard school faculty member – Keith Michael] for piano 4-hands. [ M.Porchkhidze & V.Shinov-piano duet ] World Premiere: Florence Gould Hall, French Institute Alliance Francaise , NewYork , March,4 -6 2005 Performances in USA: in Albany- at the “EGG” theater ; in California Published CD: at Disc Maker’s Lable,NY, USA,2006 


V.SHINOV'S :“SKETCHES”-composed Pitkyaranta,Karelia and NY, USA,2002 [35 min],ballet ,written for Elizabeth Higgins Dance Theatre for piano solo and piano 4 –hands .M.Porchkhidze/ solo /; M.Porchkhidze, V.Shinov/piano duet/ 1- st performance: Miami, Florida Dance Festival,/June 2002/; New York,/Hatch-the Saturday presenting series at the works/ [ piano compositions are published at Publishing house “Kompositor”Sanct-Petersburg 2003- in piano album “Heart of wayfaring”;Available at : Juilliard Book Store, Lincoln Center,NY Published CD: at Disc Maker’s Lable NY,USA 2000,[Landscape of the soul]. “CHAPLINIANE”,pantomime, New York,USA 2002 [3 min ] Mini-ballet-pantomime in 6 bagatelles for a dancer, with piano 4-hand. First performance: Carnegie Hall,February,2004 Piano duet: M.Porchkhidze & V.Shinov Published score at Publishing house “Kompozitor”/Sanct-Petersburg,2003/:In piano album”Heart of wayfaring”,available at:Juilliard Book Store. Published CD: at Disc Maker’s Lable NY,USA,2003[ “Heart of Wayfaring”] 


MARINA PORCHKHIDZE & VLADIMIR SHINOV'S COMPOSITION:CHOREOGRAPHIC NOVELETS,/after reading the Richard Bach’s novel New York,USA,2006 /20 min / For piano 4-hands World premiere: Weill Recital hall at Carnegie Hall- 2006,December 3rd, Sunday, 5:30 pm Performers: piano duet M.Porchkhidze & V.Shinov Published CD: Disc Makers,2006 ; World Premiere of "ONE",choreograped by Lisa De Ribere,faculty member of School of American Ballet: July 2010,New York City ; "Etude" -in collaboration with choreographer Tomiko Magario/New York/ 2009 


" T'FILAH " / "PRAYER" / "in memory of my father Yakov Vaysman" New York,USA, April ,4, 2007 


V.SHINOV'S COMPOSITIONS: "ROMANCE for cello & piano ", Odessa ,Ukraine,1975 [ 5 min ] ; “SONATA for violin & piano”, Odessa,Ukraine, 1977 [ 18 min ], in 3 parts; “SUITE for clarinet & piano ” Petrozavodsk,Karelia 1977 [ 12 min ] ; in 5 parts. 1st performance: Concert hall of the Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad State conservatory, April 1978 Performers: professors of the conservatory- V.Kurinetz /clarinet/and L. Spivak /piano/; "FUGUE-SONATA for quartet of wooden wind instruments " Petrozavodsk,Karelia. 1982 [ 4 min ] ; "QUINTET“, for two violins, viola,cello & double bass Petrozavodsk,Karelia, 1982 [ 18 min ] 1st performance: Petrozavodsk ,College of arts December,1982, Performers: Students and professors of LS Conservatory.[ Radio broadcast ] "THREE PIECES " for french horn & piano /Pitkyaranta, Karelia, 1992/- [ 8 min ] 1st performance: Pitkyaranta: Leonid Afanasieff { french horn } and M.Porchkhidze { piano } 


Piano suites: “FLOWERS OF LITTLE IDA"”, Odessa,Ukraine, 1975 [ 5 min ] This suite was used for little ballet, choreographed by Janet Springer ,at New York School of Classical Dance,August 1994[summerworkshop ] “FROM GROSSHOPPER'sLIFE”, Petrozavodsk,Karelia,1977 [ 7 min ] “IN CIRCUS” /1980/ “SUITE IN OLD STYLE” , Odessa, Ukraine,1980 [ 10 min ] " COUNTRYSIDE SKETCHES" Odessa,Ukraine, 1980 [ 12 min] 1st performance: Karelia,1980, Big Hall of conservatory.M.Porchkhidze Published: in the piano album “Heart of Wayfaring” and CD: “Landscape of the soul” Available at Juilliard Book Store “VALAAM ISLAND",Pitkyaranta,Karelia,1985 [ 4 min ],a poem-legend; Revised edition:2002,NY First performance: NY, 2002, Marina Porchkhidze Published: in the piano album “ Heart of wayfaring”; CD: “Landscape of the soul” Available at Juilliard Book Store . 


WE ARE BEGINNING TO SING THE RUNES....” Pitkyaranta, Karelia,1986 ,[15 min] ;as musical ABC , the study-pedagogical cycle for beginner pianists. This cycle, consists of 30 tiny pieces is to introduce to the musical and poetic world of the people who inhabit Russian North and Karelia: the Karelians, Vepsians, Ingrians Finns, Pomors ,Russians.. 1 st performance : Karelian state Radio,1987,numerous radio broadcastings in Russia. Pianist : MarinaPorchkhidze. Published: in the book “ Heart of wayfaring”, Available at: Juilliard book store- in the piano album “Heart of wayfaring” "FIVE MEDITATIONS" New York,USA,1999, [ 7 min ] 1st performance: New York, ,St. Grace Church, May 2000 Piano: Marina Porchkhidze Published ; in the book “ Heart of wayfaring” and in the CD: “Heart of wayfaring”;Available at Juilliard book store in the piano album “ Heart of wayfaring” . 


“EIGHT ELEGIAC PIECES”, New York [10min ] 1 st performance: Marina Porchkhidze: [ Carnegie hall,February 2004] Published :in the piano album “Heart of Wayfaring”and CD:”Heart of Wayfaring” , Available : at Juilliard Book Store in the piano album “Heart of wayfaring” “ FOUR SKETCHES: HOMAGES TO RUSSIAN PAINTERS” NY,2001 [ 3 min ] /To K.Petrov-Vodkin; To A. Benois; To C.Somov; ToV.Borisov-Musatov/-all – from the “ World of Art Circle”1 st performance; Marina Porchkhidze [ Carnegie Hall, February2004] Published: in the piano album “ Heart of wayfaring” and CD: “ Heart of wayfaring” 


"THE THINKER" -Odessa,Ukraine,1980 [ 5 min]-a dramatic piece – fresco ; set to A.Rodin’s sculpture – two versions: for 2 pianos,[1980] and for 1 piano 4 hands [1995]. 1st performance- The Russion Composer’s Union, Petrozavodsk/karelian division/. March 1989. Radio broadcasting. 1stprize; “NewNames”/Russia/ Performers: Marina Porchkhidze & Vladimir Shinov. Performed at Carnegie Hall: February, 2004 Published: in the piano album “Heart of wayfaring” and CD: “ Landscape of the soul” “NASTO,THE BEAUTY”, NewYork,USA,1993 [ 8 min ]Five excerpts from the ballet, karelian fairy-tale. Revised edition:1998 .1st performance: N.Roerich Museum, NY, December 1995 Performers: M.Porchkhidze , V. Shinov Published: in the piano album “ Heart of wayfaring’ and CD “ Landscape of the Soul" “ LITTLE CHAPLINIANE”, New York,USA,2002 [ 3 min ] mini-ballet-pantomime in 6 bagatelles: 1st performance: Carnegie Hall,February,2004 Performers: Marina Porchkhidze & Vladimir Shinov Published: piano album “ Heart of wayfaring” and CD. 


“HEART OF WAYFARING”, New York, USA, 2002 [ 10 min ] 13 aphorisms on Haiku poems by Matsuo Basho & Kobayashi Issa . 1st performance:Carnegie hall,February,2004.- M. Porchkhidze, V. Shinov.Published: piano album” Heart of wayfaring” and CD: “ Heart of Wayfaring” “MOTHER GOOSE” ballet suite New York,2006 [30 min ] 1st performance: Carnegie Hall,December 3, 2006 Piano duet M.Porchkhidze, V.Shinov "ONE",choreographic novelets, New York,2006;/20 min/;music composed by MARINA PORCHKHIDZE & VLADIMIR SHINOV. -after RICHARD BACH'S novel. 1st performance: Carnegie Hall,December 3,2006 Piano Duet M.Porchkhidze & V.Shinov. Published CD-2006. 


"KARELIA"-A.Prokofiev’s verses} Vocal cycle Odessa, Ukraine, 1977 [ 10 min ] 1st performance: Larisa Buinova and author,V.Shinov Pitkyaranta,1988 “FROM PUSHKIN'S LIRIC POETRY”,vocal cycle Petrozavodsk,Karelia,1978 [ 8 min ] for baritone & piano.1st performance:1978,Petrozavodsk,Conservatory “THE SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS” Odessa,Ukraine- 1980- [ 15 min ] Petrozavodsk, Karelia -----1980 / sonnets 54, 27, 7, 39 – for baritone & piano 1st performance: Eduard Bugakov / baritone/ and Marina Porchkhidze /piano/ Big Hall of Finnish Theatre. 1982. / concert, dedicated to 15 years of LSC [ Leningrad state Conservatory- Petrozavodsk Branch]. Radio Broadcasting “THREE ROMANCES” Odessa,1980 [9 min ] [ lyrics by A. Blok’s, F. Tyutchev’s, A. Apuchtin’s] “TWO JEWISH FOLK SONGS” Odessa,1978 [ 4 min ],for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano. 1st performance: 1978/ students of conservatory/ Numerous other songs: many of them for children 


“TWO KARELIAN FOLK SONGS” Petrozavodsk,Karelia, 1978 [5 min ] for woman’s chorus and kantele orchestra 1st performance: Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad Conservatory/1978./ "TRIPTYCH ",verses by Nicolai Rubtsov Odessa,Ukraine, 1979 [7 min] three choruses /for mixed chorus a’capella/ 1st performance: Big Hall of Conservatory, Petrozavodsk, Mixed chorus of Petrozavodsk Conservatory, Conductor: professor U GEN IR March 1982 "AVE MARIA"- Odessa,Ukraine [1979]-3min. for mixed chorus a’capella “AMERICAN & SCOTTISH COUNTING SONGS for children chorus a’capella: Odessa,1980 [ 10 min ] “MARCH” Petrozavodsk,Karelia,[ 1982]- Petrozavodsk,1982 [ 5 min ] for folk chorus and orchestra of Russian folk instruments {bayans,domras, balalaikas} 1st performance: Finnish State Drama theater-[December 1982]Petrozavodsk [Karelia]. Chorus & Orchestra of the College of Arts. 


"THE BIRTH OF KANTELE" Pitkyaranta,Karelia, [ 1983 ] -9 min poem-cantata, celebrating the 150-anniversary of the First edition of the “KALEVALA” –Finnish-Karelian epic ./ for mixed chorus a’capella/ 1st performance: Big Hall of College of Music, Petrozavodsk, December, 1984. AC of University /under G.Teratsuyants This cantata was awarded 1 prize in the Russian Composer’s Competition /1984/ and was published in Leningrad /Sanct -Petersburg/ Publishing House” Soviet Composer” “THE KANTELETAR” Pitkyaranta, Karelia, 1986 [3 min ], two pieces for children/ woman/ chorus a’capella.The verses from karelian ancient folk poetry. “KARELIAN NOTEBOOK” Pitkyaranta, Karelia, 1988 [6 min ], four miniatures for women’s chorus a’capella: all verses: A.Avdishev "PIMPULA-PAMPULA" arrangement of ingermanland song for children chorus & piano/1992/ 


V.SHINOV'S COMPOSITION: "SOLEMN MARCH" Pitkyaranta, Karelia 1987 [5 min ] for brass ensemble, 1st performance-1987,November, 


VLADIMIR SHINOV'S COMPOSITIONS: MUSIC FOR DOLL'S MATINEES.... "THE LITTLE CHICKEN", fairy-tale; 1979,Petrozavodsk,Karelia; [10 min ] for narrator, flute piccolo,clarinet and piano; text by Korney Tchukovsky; 1st performance: Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad State Conservatory, May 1980, Concert Hall of the Conservatory "LITTLE MASHA AND THE BEAR",fairy-tale, 1980,Odessa,Ukraine; [ 25 min ], for ensemble of russian folk instruments. 1st performance: Odessa, Theater of marionettes,1980 


Piano 4-hands arrangement of David Abel’s Three Hebraic Songs”[ 1995 NY ] 1st performance: N.Roerich Museum, December 1995 Performers: Piano duet: M.Porchkhidze, V,Shinov Piano reduction of the Paul Schoenfield’s “Café Music” -for the Juilliard Dance Division performance. [ 2004 ,NY ] Two paraphrases for the Olive Arnold Adams' - operetta " Santa Claus & Unicorn" - for piano duet 4 -hands [ 2007,NY ] 1st performance: Carnegie Hall, 4/13/2008 piano duet: M.Porchkhidze & V.Shinov 


"COMPLEX PROGRAM,THE TRAINING ON COMPOSITION FOR BEGINNERS"/for teacher's use in children music schools; "THE ROLE OF THE RUNIC TUNE IN LEARNING COMPOSITION"/ published in the book of "ARTICLES OF KARELIAN MUSICOLOGISTS { the edition of the Petrozavodsk branch of Leningrad state Conservatory. 1988 }