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Piano Duet MARINA PORCHKHIDZE & VLADIMIR SHINOV from New York: Buy CD's,sheet music

"Heart of wayfaring", piano album/sheet music/ ,music by V.Shinov,music editor M.Porchkhidze.

This piano album /120 pages +CD/ ,published in Sanct-Petersburg Publishing House "Kompozitor" in 2003
is now available at :
Juilliard Book Store, 60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY , 10023 ,USA
Click here: Juilliard School Bookstore. New York City , Lincoln center

CD - "Landscape of the soul"

CD "Masterpieces of French music",2001

CD "Reflections of romanticism",2003

CD "Heart of wayfaring",2003

CD "Pearls of Russian music",2006

CD "New Ballets from NY city",2006

Music of American Composers for Piano Duet. Little Anthology. 2008 - CD

CD "Altogether Different",Ballet Class Music,2008